PJ Cooney Honoured at Carlow LTC

Congratulations to our very own PJ Cooney who was honoured at Carlow LTC for his dedication and contribution to badminton at club and county level and to SWLBL, Leinster CAC and Leinster Badminton over the past 40 years. In recognition of this, Carlow LTC badminton hall will now be known as the “Cooney Badminton Hall”.

As part of the celebration of the club’s 140th birthday (and unbeknownst to the man himself), members of the Carlow LTC’s committee invited SWLBL clubs, committees and local badminton officials to Carlow to celebrate with them PJ’s extraordinary contribution to the club and to badminton.

A number of Carlow LTC committee members and Club Captain Martin O’Hanlon spoke about PJ as well as ex-Leinster Badminton President Tommy Grath and SWLBL President Lesley Cobbe. Former Club Captain Aoife Kavanagh then unveiled the plaque to be erected outside the hall (pictured below).

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