SWLBL Committees

(For season 2022-2023)


President: Roy Cobbe (Portlaoise)

Hon. Secretary/Treasurer: Sinead Kelly (Kilcullen)

Shuttlefest: Lesley Cobbe (Portarlington Parochial)

Leagues & Cups: Roy Cobbe (Portlaoise)

Championships: Martin O’Hanlon (Carlow LTC)

Along with 4 other elected vice-presidents- Leon Coe (Portarlington Parochial),  Aubrey Cox (Mullingar), Martin Lamb (St. Laurences), John O’Brien (Lady Lane – Waterford)

7 Senior Graders (Grades 1-4):

John McGrane (Kilcullen), Leon Coe (Portarlington Parochial), Aubrey Cox (Mullingar), John O’Brien (Lady Lane – Waterford), Martin O’Hanlon (Carlow LTC), Trevor Cobbe (Portlaoise), Leeson Neale (Carlow YM)

7 Junior Graders (Grades 5-7):

Steven Corrigan (Bough), Karen Cahill (Portlaoise), Martin Lambe (St. Laurences), Liam Nolan (Carlow LTC), Richard Wallace (Carlow YM), Vincent Coller (Kilcullen), Aoife McEvoy (Mountmellick Macra)

Sub-Committee for Issues with Matches Played on Time:

Roy Cobbe (Portlaoise), Aubrey Cox (Mullingar), Sinead Kelly (Kilcullen), sub – Willie Stephenson (Carlow YM), Martin Lambe (St. Laurences)

Declan Casey Cup for Under 17 Competition Committee: 

Judy Bryant (Killoughey)

Bob Jones Memorial Cup “Club of the Year” Committee:

President – Roy Cobbe (Portlaoise), Hon. Secretary/Treasurer – Sinead Kelly (Kilcullen), Cyrena Peavoy (Portlaoise)